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Welcome to Tai Chi online Shop !

The Online Shop is still under construction so please keep your eyes on this page

We offer a full selection of products including Tai Chi DVDs, Tai Chi Books, Music CD, Weapons and Kung Fu suits... etc. The Tai Chi DVDs covers Tai Chi Forms, Tai Chi Weapons, Push Hands, Applications and Tai Chi for Health exercises... etc, which also cover Chen Style and Yang Style, and some of them are demonstrated or explained by direct-line inheritors such as Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei (Chen Style), Yang Zhen Duo (Yang Style) and Grandmaster Liming Yue... etc.

Tai Chi Shop online is a retail/wholesale shop based in China Town, Manchester, U.K. and most of our products supplied are produced from our Centre and we are the sole supplier in the world, which are more value for your money. We also make sure every product is at good quality before we consider to sell online.

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