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Introduction to Tai Chi Laojia Form - books (Volume one and two)

Tai Chi Laojia Form Tai Chi Laojia Form books, these full colour books focuses on the health benefits of Tai Chi, concentrating on the official Chen Style Laojia Form, history and principles. The books contain detailed illustrated instructions and in-depth discussion of the theories behind the practice. The volume one covers the first 15 forms of the Laojia Form and a nice layout of the whole series of the Laojia form postures. The text offers an unprecedented insight into the techniques and theory of Chen Style Tai Chi. The authors bring together their vast knowledge, teaching experience and cultural understanding to create a work that is accessible to western students whilst keeping all the important detail often lost in translations.

The book has been written over an one and a half year period by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, Master Liming Yue and Sue Johnson with the assistance of several of Master Liming Yue's senior students.

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei is the 11th Generation head of the Chen Style Tai Chi and 19th generation of the Chen family.
Master Liming Yue is one of Europe's foremost Tai Chi masters and holds a 7th Duan Wei officially issued by the Chinese Wu Shu Association China. Sue Johnson is a principal Tai Chi instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi College based in Bury.

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Tai Chi Laojia Form Publishing Details

Title: Tai Chi Laojia Form
Authors: Master Liming Yue, Sue Johnson and Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
Publisher: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
Publisher Reference: MBS106007(paperback); MBS106006(hardback)
ISBN: 190471918X (paperback) 1904719198 (hardback)

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