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Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor Training Program


The Centre is offering Instructor Training Courses and Assessments for Tai Chi & Qigong practitioners. The Instructor Training Course is designed especially for certificating who wants to be a qualified Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor as a future career. Prospective instructors can teach Tai Chi and Qigong exercises in the future when they pass our assessment. Our certification is well recognized in the UK and many countries.

Prospective instructors will learn how to teach Tai Chi and Qigong exercises once they have completed the learning objectives, they will take assessments for certification. They also can apply for any level of instructor certificates and we will give them appropriate level of instructor certificate upon their performances during assessment.

The Instructor Course is a two days seminar and open to people worldwide, but it requires well prepared works in advance at home by following our online teaching platform at: All prospective instructors should sign up as early as possible so that we can set up your account online to study at home prior attending the seminar. They are also recommended to join training with relevant seminars organized by the centre or book private lessons online with Grandmaster Liming Yue directly. This will help them to achieve higher level of instructor certificates and build up better profiles for future Tai Chi & Qigong career.

Prospective instructors are advised to contact Grandmaster Liming Yue to discuss their suitabilities prior enrolling on the course, the requirements are listed below.


Step 1: Make the payment at: Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation
Step 2: Fill the application form then send it to with a digital passport size photo
Step 3: Once you paid, your Gold member will be activated straight away so you can pre-training at home by following our online videos, books and classes. As a Gold member you are entitle to book FREE face to face tuition online once a week during the Gold member classes time in the Gold member page.
Step 4: Turn up on the seminar and we will polish all you have been practiced according to the level of instructor you applied for.
Step 5: Practical Assessment will take place on Sunday afternoon and we will publish the result on the day so you can receive your instructor certificate and T-shirt upon your success of passing the assessment.
Step 6: Upon you achieved the certificate you can apply for an insurance through Wellbeing Insurance (formerly DSC Insurance Services) of DSC-Strand Ltd. then you can start your teaching activities and enjoy your instructor life.

What will you get from the course when you completed the course successfully

Training Course Entry Requirement

The Training Course Entry requirement for each level of instructor is different. No pre-experience is required for the Foundation Level Instructor with Qigong. This Training Course provides you following our instructional online based videos to practice either at home or attending our training in the Centre or at your local classes. Any relevant experience and skills in other martial arts, Physiotherapy or having been an instructor in other exercises such as Qigong, Yoga, Laugar, Shaolin Kung Fu, Football coaching, Dancing...etc will be taken into account for the consideration of acceptance on the course. We will improve your level of skills during the course and enable you to teach Tai Chi and Qigong exercise once you complete the course successfully.

Standard requirement for each level of instructor certificate (you need to meet the requirement at the level you are applying for)

Tai Chi Foundation Level of Instructor certificate with Qigong

Potential instructors should be able to demonstrate at the end of the course:

Tai Chi Level one Instructor certificate with Qigong

Potential instructors must achieve the level of Tai Chi Foundation Instructor and should be able to demonstrate at the end of the course:

Tai Chi Level two Instructor certificate with Qigong

Potential instructors must achieve the level one and should be able to demonstrate at the end of the course:

Tai Chi Level three Instructor certificate with Qigong

Potential instructors must achieve the level one and should be able to demonstrate at the end of the course:

Dates and Times - Seminar pages

The Instructor Training Course will be running over weekends, however, the potential instructors are expected to have significant practices prior to the course, in general, at least one hour a day and four days a week. Potential instructors on the course will be encouraged to train with Grandmaster Liming's regular classes and seminars whenever possible to achieve improvement with their forms and knowledge of Tai Chi and Qigong.

We run Instructor Training Course every year. The dates & times of the course are 11-12th July 2020 and 5-6th December 2020. Further seminar details can be found at: Seminar pages .

Application Form

Please click here to download an application form and send it to the Centre.


The current fee is £435.00 and it includes:

Any students who can't pass the assessment successfully during the course are welcome to join the re-assessment in three month time or take part in the next instructor course at FREE of charge.

However the tuition fee is non-refundable and details can be found at Payment Terms and Conditions.

Payment (Terms and Conditions applied)

Online payment at: By click the Sign Up Instructor Training Program button below and this is the best way to make payment and your online membership will be activated instantly.

By Bank Transfer:

Any students and clients who wish to pay the tuition fees please send money directly with bank account transaction and the details are as following:

Bank: The Barclays Bank;

Account Name: L Yue Tai Chi Centre;

Sort code: 20-55-59; Account number: 90225665;

IBAN: GB91 BUKB 2055 5990 2256 65; SWIFTBIC: BUKBGB22;

Branch address: 51 Moseley Street , Manchester , M60 2AU;

Course Contents - What you will be learning from the course

The course will teach you how to become a professional instructor along polishing your form, postures and application skills. The theory and principle of Tai Chi & Qigong will also be covered in the course as well. Prospective instructors will be categorized in different groups according to their level of skills. Group works and discussion will be carried out throughout the course, so please write down all questions so that we can discuss during the course.
Additionally, we will teach prospective instructors how to structure the classes and cope with varies situations during their future teaching. Appart from above, the individual instructor will gain great benefit from the following program upon his( her) level of skills.

Tai Chi Foundation Level Instructor Course

Tai Chi Level One Instructor Course

Tai Chi Level Two Instructor Course

Tai Chi Level Three Instructor Course

Higher level is available to apply on the course, please discusss with Master Liming Yue dircetly.

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