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kong jie gou

Grandmaster Gou Kong Jie (Kongjie)

Grandmaster Kongjie Gou started practicing Chinese Martial Arts in 1960. Five years later, in 1965, he began learning Chen Style Tai Chi as an indoor senior student of Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui (the Head and Heir of the 18th generation of the Chen Family). Master Gou has taught Chen Style Tai Chi extensively to both university and private students in many provinces around China since 1982. At the International Festival of Tai Chi in China in 2002 Grandmaster Kongjie Gou was awarded the Certificate of Excellence; this award is very rarely given and is reserved for Tai Chi masters of exceptional skill and ability. He is also certified as a senior Chen Style Tai Chi coach by the Chen Style Tai Chi Association in Wen county, the birthplace and home of Tai Chi and holds a first class degree of Tai Chi master from the Henan Provincial Martial Arts Association. He is co-author of the Tai Chi Push Hands standard and competition rules published by the Chinese State Sports Council and more recently has created the Chen Style Tai Chi Fan Form and the Chen Style Short Stick Form. Within the Chinese Tai Chi community Grandmaster Kongjie Gou’s instruction is prized above all others and students travel the length a breadth of China to stay near his home so that they can attend his classes.

At the age of 25 Grandmaster Kongjie Gou was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During his treatment he lost his teeth, hair and muscles. More than 30 years later, having confounded the doctors, he attributes his recovery and his current excellent health, to practicing Tai Chi.

"If you want to watch Chen Style Tai Chi performance, see Chen Zheng Lei. If you want to know who is the best practitioner see Chen Xiao Wang. If you want to learn Chen style Tai Chi follow Gou Kongjie" said by Master Liming Yue.

For further information you can visit his homepage here.

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