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Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts) Duan Wei (Grading) Questions

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Frequent asking questions:

We are keeping receive emails and phone calls about the following questions. In order to help everybody to know more details about the grading, we published it here for advice only. The final explanation is kept by the China Wushu Association.

Q: I notice you will have a Duan Wei grading in Ireland. Do you have the Duan Wei grading in the U.S.?
A: No, we only host grading in Ireland at the moment.

Q: I live in the U.S. , where should I have the Duan Wei grading? U.S. , China , or Europe ?
A: Come to the Ireland and you will be graded by China Wushu Association Committee members

Q: If I need to go to Ireland to have the Duan Wei grading, What is the deadline to register?
A: One week before the commencing date.

Q: Can I start from a higher Duan Wei grading, Level 5 or 6 instead of Level 1 or 2?
A: Yes, You will receive your Duan Wei grading based on your skills assessed on the day.

Q: Which airport should I fly into Ireland?
A: Dublin airport.

Q: Do I need a visa to go to Ireland (I am a U.S. citizen)?
A: No, I don’t think so, but it’s better to consultant Irish Embassy in USA .

Q: Where is the site for the Duan Wei grading?
A: Dublin Airport - Carlton Hotel Collinstown suite, Old Airport Road, Cloghran, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel:+353-1-8667500; There is a free shuttle bus which runs every 30 minutes from the Airport bus stop and available 24 hours a day. Free car park is available on site. Map: Carlton Hotel in Dublin Airport; Web site: Carlton Hotel

Q: Do you have a host hotel? If not, where should I stay?
A: No, we don’t deal with accommodation booking, you can booking online or find some friend to help in Ireland.

Q: What will be the approximate cost for each person? (Duan Wei fee, registration fee, hotel, food, etc.)
A: Duan Wei assessment and registration cost is £125.00, Certificate fee will be depending on what grade you achieve on the day and the prices are listed on the grading page. Hotel and food are up to your own standard.

Q: Do I need to be a member of Chinese Wushu Association to be eligible to apply for Duan Wei grading?
A: No needed, it is open to every Chinese Wushu practitioners.

Q: Can I do the exam with Zixuan Taolu or does it have to be CWA (Chinese Wu Shu Association) Taolu's?
A: No, you do not to do the Taolu if you have your own form to demonstrate.

Q: If you sign up for a higher grade and fail, can you still get a lower grade? For instance, if I apply for 4th Duan Wei and my level is more of 3rd Duan Wei, will they fail me for all or give a 3rd Duan Wei?
A: You will receive a 3rd duan wei if your level is not good as you applied as 4th duan wei. There was a applicant applied for 6th duan wei and end up a 4th duan wei was given.

Q: Is the grading by CWA committee members and awards made on the weekend?
A: Yes, the China Wushu Association will send official staffs led by Professor Kang Gewu who is the Head of Duan Wei division.

Q: I have 4th Duan Wei in 2008 in China, can I do either Tai Chi chuan 42 or Chen Yi Lu Laojia 74 for the 5th Duan Wei and when do I have to state the forms I am going to use for the Duan wei grading?
A: Both form should be fine for the 5th Duan Wei and you can make your decision on the day when you go for grading. During the weekend training seminar on Saturday, the China Wushu Association committee members and instructors will help you to make a beter decision as well.

Q: Does my own Master have to have a Duan Wei grade so that I can be graded by the Chinese Wushu Association?
A: No, it is not necessary. The Form can be signed by the Chinese Wushu officer on the day for you if your Master could not sign the form for you.

The end. (more questions and answers will be listed here once we received)

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