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Master Liming Yue's Qigong Foundation DVD for Beginners (PAL)
The Qigong Foundaton DVD was created by Master Liming Yue. It is a simplified form based on authentic Chinese Health Qigong exercises and holds true to all the principles and philosophy of this the original form of Qigong. The Qigong Foundation exercise is short, easy to follow, and easy to learn making it excellent for beginners and people who have limited time. Yet despite its simplicity the form does not compromise any of the principles that have made the practice of Chinese Health Qigong famous throughout the world.

Price: £15.00 for downloadable version and £22.00 for DVD disk (will be available in September 2014)
Media:dvd pal
Publisher: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
ISBN: ISBN 1-904719-26-0
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