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China Trip Dim Mak 2017 - This is one NOT to be missed!

Organizer: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre

Start Date: 9th September 2017 - End Date: 27th September 2017 (20 days);

Price: The total cost is £2280.00 per person (all inclusive).

Please book your holiday with your work to cover the trip from 8th to 28th September 2017 (one extra day each at beginning and the end of the trip at your convenience) and we will confirm the final dates with you by end of July 2017.

Chief Instructors: Master Liming Yue (0086 - 15873216908) and Sifu Steven Burton

Training Contents to be covered during the Trip: Dim Mak & Chin Na with Sifu Steven Burton, Qigong & Tai Chi Application with Master Liming Yue

Additional training and fees:

£150.00 per person covers 10 hours intensive training with Grandmaster Li Zhiyi on Shen Gong (excludes coding); This option won't be available.

£220.00 per person covers 10 hours training with film star Hung Kar Kung Fu Master Mark about Hung Kar Form and Application;

£75.00 per person covers 5 hours training with Taoist monk Master Limin Yuan about Wudan Tai Chi Form and Application;

£40.00 per person covers chanting and blessing ceremony by Daoist Master from Wudang Purple Cloudy Temple;

35.00 per person covers tips during the trip for drivers, waiters, porter and tourist guidance;

Please click here to view pictures of previous China Trip;

The detailed arrangements will be discussed on the first day of the trip in China and everybody will have the opportunity to express their preferences. Also anybody who is going to join the trip can express their opinion about the trip arrangements to the Centre in advance. To book your place on this exciting trip please sign up by sending the application form with the deposit to the Centre as soon as possible.

Dim Mak, Chin Na and Internal Martial Arts training and visiting many of the incredible attractions

China Trip - This is an action packed trip unlike any other you will have gone on - This trip is open to all students and their friends to develop a greater understanding of this wonderful art with Sifu Steven Burton, Master Liming Yue and some of the highest level masters in China. It will include visiting many of the incredible attractions, such as Beijing, Wudang mountain, Chengdu city and Zhangjiajie Forest Park. All training with Master Liming Yue and Sifu Steven Burton is covered during the Trip and additional training with Grandmasters is available at extra cost. Please ask the Centre for further information.

Trip Itinerary:

(This is just a proposal for the Trip and the final itinerary will be confirmed in Beijing upon your arrival on 10th October, everybody who is going to take part on the trip are very welcome to express your own opinions)



Where to stay

Day 1 - 9th,



on the plane

Day 2 - 10th,


Arrival in Beijing city in the early morning; check in hotel,

sort out Chinese currency and local mobile sim card for people who may need.

Visit Summer palace at lunch time then Silk Market in the evening.

Beijing Lijingwan Hotel (5 star standard)

Day 3 - 11th

Visit Great Wall at Mutianyu sectioin in the morning, Training in the park in the evening,

Additional Shaolin Kungfu show is available in the evening upon reaquest.

Beijing Lijingwan Hotel (5 star standard)

Day 4 - 12th

Visit Forbiden City and Tian An Men Square in the morning after check out the room and leave luggdges in the hotel, take over night train K261 at 17:16 to Wudang mountain;

Stay on train


Day 5 - 13th

Arrive in Wudang mountain at 12:17, then take mountain bus to the Tai Chi hotel on the top of mountain.

Training at Hotel with Sifu Steven and Master Liming Yue in the afternoon and evening.

Tai Chi Hotel (4 star)

Day 6 - 14th

Visit Wudang during the day and additional blessing is available upon request

Tai Chi Hotel (4 star)

Day 7 - 15th

Additional training with Taoist monk all day then take coach to Xiangyan for evening dinner.

Take overnight train K1609 at 9:25pm in the evening to Zhangjiajie.

Stay on train

Day 8 - 16th

Arrival Zhangjiajie at 05:46am in the morning,

Visit Huangsizai mountain and Gold Whip valley and Train Dim Mak during the Zhangjiajie Forest Park during the day.

addtional show is available in the evening upon request.

Dacheng International Hotel (5 star standard)

Day 9 - 17th

Visit Tianzishan, Yuanjiajie mountain in Zhangjiajie Forest Park and Yellow Dragon Cave during the day.

Free entertaining evening

Dacheng International Hotel (5 star standard)

Day 10 - 18th

Visit Tianmengshan mountain and train Dim Mak during the day (cable car trip, additional fee is applied, concession fee is available for child and over 60's people)

Dacheng International Hotel (5 star standard)

Day 11 - 19th

Free morning or training for everybody, check out the hotel at 2pm then take the flight at 4pm to Chengdu city, arrival at 6pm and check in to the airport hotel. Free evening for night out in the traditional city centre area.

Chengdu airport business hotel 4 star

Day 12 - 20th

Visit Panda Reservation Zoo in the early morning and arrival there at 7am. Training Dim mak in the afternoon.

Chengdu airport business hotel 4 star

Day 13 - 21st

Fly to Guangzhou in the morning and arrival Foshan Hotel in the afternoon.

additional training with Master Mark in the evening

Foshan hotel 4 star standard

Day 14 - 22nd

additional training with Master Mark in the local school and people who doesn't training can practice Tai Chi or Chinese callingraphy.

Foshan hotel 4 star standard

Day 15 - 23rd

Openning ceremony for local Kungfu school

Foshan hotel 4 star standard

Day 16 - 24th

Additional training with Master Mark in the morning then travel to Hongkong by coach in the afternoon and arrival there in the evening.

Hotel in Kowlong ( 4 star standard)

Day 17 - 25th

Visit Hongkong during the day. Training in the Park in the afternoon. Free evening

Hotel in Kowlong ( 4 star standard)

Day 18 - 26th

Visit Hongkong during the day. Training in the Park in the afternoon.

Farewell Entertaining party in the evening.

Hotel in Kowlong ( 4 star standard)

Day 19 - 27th

Visit Hongkong during the day. Take flight to Beijing and other middle airport in different groups.


Day 20 - 28th


Departure home at 1:25am

back home at the same day

Note: All hotels are 4/5 star standard with luxury facilities. detailed trip itinerary and leaflet is available on request at the Centre.

Booking your places & sort out your Visa

It is straight forward procedure. We are looking forward to seeing you on the Trip.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions have been changed since last China trip, for the details please read the information below:

Reservation and Payment:

Reservations can be made by completing the trip booking form and sending it together with the cheque payment, bank transfer or pay at Tai Chi Centre online shop with Paypal. The final balance / the total amount of the Trip are restricted to be paid by cheques or bank transfer as the Paypal charges too much commissions on payment. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Extra Bonus: Anybody who has paid all payments by cheque or bank transfer will be qualified to receive £30.00 discount for the Trip.

The Barclays Bank Account:
name: L Yue Tai Chi Centre; sort code: 20-55-34; account number:90225665;
IBAN: GB49 BARC 2055 3490 2256 65; SWIFTBIG: BARCGB22;
Branch address: 51 Moseley Street, Manchester, M60 2AU

China Dim Mak Trip Payment

Travel Insurance:

Everybody who wishes to take part in the trip must provide their own valid travel insurance to cover the trip to China and send a copy to Tai Chi Centre by 1st September 2017.

Price and what is included:

The price for the trip is £2,280. An initial payment of £900 is required to secure a place. The final balance is £1380 and it is required to be paid in cash or cheaque on time. Late booking charge is £100 (this is to cover the additional cost of making late flight and accommodation bookings). Single supplement fee is £565 per person if applicable (subject to the availability).

An initial payment of £900 is a non-refundable deposit and administration charge, and should be paid upon your reservation . Final balance of £1380 should be paid in full by 31st May 2017. Bookings made after 1st March 2017 requires a £100 late booking surcharge.

Total Payment for the trip includes: Tuition fees for the training with Master Liming Yue, breakfast, evening meals (excluding drinks and snack), accommodation, training insurance (subject to individual's health condition and ages), all transportation (excluding the cable car at the tourism and taxis), air-tickets, airport tax and admission fees to all tourist attractions arranged by the trip organizer in China are covered. Travel insurance and visa applications are at your own cost and should be arranged by yourself. Tips of 300.00 (Chinese Yuan) per person is required and it will be collected at the beginning of the trip. The Tips is for the drivers, porter in the hotel and restaurant staff during the trip.


Clients who make cancellation on any confirmed bookings will be liable for the following cancellation charges based on the time when we receive the notice of cancellation in writing.

A. Once booked the trip and cancelled 61 days prior to the departure date, the initial payment of £900 is non-refundable.

B. 31-60 days prior to departure date -50% of total cost.

C. 3-30 days prior to departure date -75% of total cost.

D. 3 days or less prior to departure date - 100% of total cost.

E. Early Termination during the Trip - 100% of total cost plus additional fees (such as flight ticket, transportation, administrative work etc..) and subject to availability.

Alteration to Arrangement

If, after acceptance of the booking, the customer alters the confirmed arrangements, an amendment fee of £100 per person plus any communication charges may be charged. If major alteration is required, the booking may be treated as a cancellation to which cancellation charges will apply.

Cancellation by the Tai Chi Centre

We reserve the right to cancel or alter holiday arrangements at any time up to and including the departure date. Full refund of all monies will be made in the event of cancellation. Cancellations will be notified to clients without reasonable delay.


Chinese visa are at your own resposible and for people who lives in the U.K. can be obtained at:

People from other countries please consult your local Chinese Embassy.

All clients are themselves responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of a valid passport and applicable visa at all times and places during the journey. Refunds or endorsement can not be claimed by clients who are rejected by local immigration for any reason.


As part of the China Trip Package the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre will arrange standard insurance to cover all the training abroad for all clients. However the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre acts only in the capacity of Agent for the clients in all arrangements. Expressly the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre shall not be liable for any injury, death, accident, loss, damage, or irregularity which may be occasioned by neglect or default of any other company, or additional expenses due to delays or changes in flights, trains, coaches or other services, or because of strike, war, sickness, weather, quarantine or other causes.

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