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Master Chen Bin

Master Chen Bin (Chen Xiaobin)

Chen Bin or Chen Xiaobin, the son of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, born in the original place of Tai Chi, Dec. 1979, state-level senior coach, the 12th direct line successor of Chen-style Tai Chi. Chen Bin began to learn Tai Chi from his father when he was only five years old, now he is not only skillful in all sets of Tai Chi routines, but has a good understanding of martial arts theories.

Besides practicing inherited family Kungfu, Chen Bin paid great attention to elementary education. During his school time, he won the titles of "Top Student", "Excellent Student Cadre" many times, was titled as "Jiaozuo Municipal Outstanding Student" in 1989, and nine years later he graduated from Zhengzhou No. 9 High school with exceedingly well studies, in the same year, he was recommended for admission to Beijing Chemical Industry University (one of the state key institutes of higher learning), and then studied in the U.K. Putting his limited spare time and vacations to good use, Chen Bin took an active part in social Wushu activities and competitions. In Aug. 1996, he amazed the world by winning the championship at his first attending competition - the Fourth Wenxian County International Tai Chi Annual Meeting. In May, 1998, he won the first prize at the competition hold by Henan Wushu Association; Aug. 1998, won the championship both in the events of Tai Chi boxing and sword at the Fifth Wenxian County International Tai Chi Annual Meeting; April, 2001, won the first prize in three events at Henan Championship Contest of Tai Chi Boxing, Sword and Push Hands; Chen Bin always bears in mind his bounden commitment as a modern Chen-style Tai Chi successor, he tries to promote and develop Tai Chi to the best of his ability, especially by taking the opportunity of studying abroad, he made a great contribution to the great cause of spreading Tai Chi around the world.

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