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Teaching Tai Chi & Qigong to its full potential.

The Chen Style Tai Chi Centre teaches and promotes the principles and philosophy of Tai Chi and Chinese Health Qigong. The Tai Chi Centre is based in Chinatown, Manchester in the UK. We offer Tai Chi and Qigong teaching and demonstrational DVDs, Videos and Books, holds instructional Tai Chi & Qigong classes in both Altrincham and Manchester, organises seminars throughout Europe, and arranges annual studying China trips. The Centre´s aim is to develop an understanding of all aspects of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong that is accessible and valuable to all students and scholars.

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A PC based FREE View of Tai Chi 8 Form and Qigong Foundation Form are ready online now!

Group EventDetails: Grandmaster Liming Yue has created a new Tai Chi 8 Form and Qigong Foundation Form for both beginners to practice and instructors to teach Tai Chi in a very easy and relaxed way. One square meter space will be enough for you to finish the whole Tai Chi 8 Form and Qigong Foundation Exercises. Please feel free to view our PC based online version at: Chi 8 Form Foundation Form

The Downloadable PC based version and DVD disk are also available to purchase at your convenient as well. More online dvds are on their way so please keep your eyes on our web site.

A FREE Tai Chi and Qigong Open Class at Piccadilly Gardens!

Group EventDetails: The Tai Chi Centre is going to host a FREE Tai Chi and Qigong Open Class at Piccadilly Gardens at 1:00pm to 1:50pm on Wednesdays over the summer season. Grandmaster Liming Yue, Sifu Diqiang, Sifu Aamir and Dr. Xianglin Li will all take part in the Open Classes in terms. This event is also supported by Chinese Health Information Centre. We are very appreciated that Manchester City Council has granted us to use the place to promote Health and wellbeing benefit to Manchester city centre residents with our Tai Chi and Qigong exercises.

The Open Classes will teach Walm Up exercise, Silk Reeling Energy Exercises and Qigong Foundation Breathe Exercises. It is suitable for all level of fitness and ages. Everybody are welcome to take part in the Open Classes and receive your own health benefits.

A Great Tai Chi Open Event in Albert Square at Manchester Town Hall!

Group EventDetails: The Tai Chi Open Event on 11th June 2014 at Albert Square in front of Manchester city Town Hall for both beginners and experienced students was successfully finished. A group of 36 Tai Chi practitioners from Guangzhou city, China took part in the event and did a great demonstraion on the day. Sifu Aamir Rafi, Pete Hornby, Diqiang and Xianglin Li along with a group students from Chinese Health Information Centre were also taking part in the event.

New Membership is applied in the Tai Chi Centre now!

China TripDetails: The Centre is open to public and all Tai Chi and Qigong classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced students.

The New membership is a four month contract (except Annual Membership) and the first month is £35.00 only. The following month will be charged as what you purchased. For further details please visit our membership page. Please subscribe below with Paypal online payment system or pay cash on the door.

We also opened a Massage Treatment facility for all students who needs to help with recovery from injury and pain relief or healing purpose. Film studio for both photograph and video is also ready to hire for those people who may be interested in making their own production upon request.

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Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
2nd Floor, 46 George Street
Chinatown, Manchester
M1 4HF, United Kingdom


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